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If you’ve been thinking about buying your next home and are just not sure of the steps involved to buy and sell at the same time, or even where to start, then this weekly series How To Move Up To Your Next Home With Ease: A Guide For Homeowners Who Want to Buy and Sell […]

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Anyone who deals in Real Estate and wants to speculate when to buy or sell is always asking, when’s the top or the bottom of the market. The short answer is always “we know when it’s over”. It’s a fact, we don’t know when we hit a ceiling until it’s over, and when it’s over, […]

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If you are a buyer or seller, one of the main question on everyone’s mind is, What’s going to happen to the Real Estate Market when we come out of this pandemic?” While we don’t have a crystal ball. We can look at the current numbers and trends to provide some idea of what we […]

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Here is a list of resources to help navigate through all the help for small business owners! If you have anymore, send them my way and I will add to this post Paycheck Protection ProgramEconomic Injury Disaster Loans and Loan AdvanceSBA Debt ReliefSBA Express Bridge LoansGuidance for Businesses and EmployersSBA Products and ResourcesGovernment ContractingLocal Assistance […]

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Good news for homeowners struggling to make their mortgage payments! In a past post, I talked about the possible struggles of getting a forbearance and having a large sum due or larger mortgage payment to repay your missed payments. The news released on Monday is GREAT NEWS, but we still need to keep in mind […]

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While the housing industry was strong and stable going into the COVID-19 crisis, which I still believe today will prevent a major housing crisis similar to our last one, but we do have one aspect we need to pay very close attention to. The Mortgage Industry. Specifically the Non-bank Servicers Before COVID-19 Loan Servicers were […]

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This post is a follow up to my “Will IBuyers disrupt Real Estate”? Just a quick list of why I beleive that tech can’t fully replace the Real Estate Agent The List of what “an app” can’t do, but a real live Real Estate Agent can. Empathize Sympathize Negotiate Hold a Hand Hug Drive you […]

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By now, unless you live under a rock, you heard Governor Gavin Newsom announcement on March 25: “Millions of California families will be able to take a sigh of relief,” said Governor Newsom. “These new financial protections will provide relief to California families and serve as a model for the rest of the nation. I […]

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Definition of Disruption: To change the traditional way that an industry operates, especially in a new and effective way. Disruptions happens with unhappy customers, not with technology. As I have said many times, there will is always be the attempts to disrupt the Real Estate Industry! Who remembers Help-u-sell? I don’t! And we will be […]

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Don’t Price it like Walmart Have you ever walked into a store like Walmart and wondered why just about everything is priced ending in .99 instead of rounding up to the nearest dollar? Of course, you have. It’s a strategy known as psychological pricing. To most consumers, an item priced at $2.99 is more appealing […]

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