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Get Pre-Approved and get a No FEES Loan Today


Buy a Home with no Loan Fees

When you use my service to buy a home and my Lending Partner, Gold Star Mortgage, for your loan, you will not be charged any lender fee!

That means you pay:
  1. No Processing Fee (usually $695)
  2. No Underwriting Fee (usually $995)
  3. No Funding Fee (usually $395)

My Clients Save Money$! Contact us today to get started

Want to Save More Money on Your Home Purchase?  Ask me how we can get your loan approved before you even find a house! With a full approval you can compete with cash offers by offering a no-loan contingency offer. Call today for details 760-464-8138

This will save you a couple of thousand dollars in escrow and their process is easy and streamlined to help make the home buying process for my clients as stress free as possible.

Get Pre-Approved for Loan

Many buyers want to find a home before they start the hassle of looking for a lender. This can be huge mistake.

The purchase of your home is one of the largest and most important purchase of your life. Going to look at homes for sale might be fun and exciting, but you don’t want to find your “perfect home” only to find out that you won’t be able to qualify for it.

The process to buy a home includes getting a pre-approval which can provide you an idea of the price range you need to look in, saves you, the lender and the seller time.

The process to get a Pre-Approval includes:

  • Loan Application
  • Documentation
  • Credit Check
  • Employment Verification

The loan application will provide the lender all the information about you, including your full name, address, current employment, income, debts and assets. It’s important that you supply as much information as possible and as accurately as possible.

The documents the lender will need include, 2 most recent months bank statements for all accounts, 2 most recent pay stubs, Last 2 years of tax returns, down payment verification and verification of funds for closing.

The lender will check your credit to determine your debt ratio. Most government backed loans have limits to the debt ratio the will accept. This is one the most important reasons to get a pre-approval. If something needs to be corrected or paid off to improve your debt ratio, then taking care of it before house shopping is the best way to go.

The lender will check employment status. Having the same job for at least two years to very desirable but not always needed to get a pre-approval. While not as easy, Self-employed and business owners can get a loan. Terms and approvals can be more difficult, so it’s best to sit down with a lender and work it all out.

VERY IMPORTANT: When you decide to talk to a lender to get approved for a loan…..Make sure it’s a PRE-APPROVAL and not a Pre-Qualification letter.

    A Pre-qualification is simply a quick assessment on your ability to buy. The pre-approval letter will show exactly what price you can actually afford with your current budget or with the payment you desire to have.

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