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Why For The Love of Music Project? By Laura Lake

A little Background about me and why I started this project.

Image this… It’s my daughter’s (Cara) 4th grade year.  I remember it well.  It was a late Friday afternoon (we commuted for work), I picked her up from the afterschool care program she attended, and she was all wired and excited to tell me some exiting news! We got home and she announced in her big girl voice…..I joined band and you need to buy me a clarinet…..by Monday!  Um what?

Fortunately, the band director sent home an information sheet………. that actually made it home.

After reviewing the information, I discovered that I can “rent” instead of “buy” the instrument.  I arrived home the next day with the Clarinet.  Cara with a very confused and upset look, she said, “You bought the wrong instrument!!” and proceeded to show me a picture……of a flute.  By the end of the following week, my daughter was playing scales and I was amazed at how quickly she picked up playing….the Clarinet (yes I did not go back, she ended up with a clarinet).

Cara continued to play in band all through middle and Jr High school….then it was time for high school.  This is where we met Mr. Lake and was introduced to Marching Band.  Cara signed up right away…. When we competed at RCC for the 1st time….Cara, again marched up to me and Mr. Lake and announced….I am going to RCC and will be in the marching band.  And She did….for 4 years before transferring to Fresno State to finish her degree.

That one fine Friday afternoon in the late 1990’s, turned into a lifetime of music in our lives.  I attended every competition, concert and event, became a band booster and even fell in love and married Mr. Lake.  Cara got the experiences of a lifetime at competitions, events, worked on movie sets, music videos and TV shows and even worked for Disney for a few years, in the costuming department and shows like Fantasmic.   She even met Travis, now her husband, while at RCC. Like Mother Like daughter!

My time with the school music programs as a mother and band booster from the late 90’s to currently as wife of a Band Director since 2004, I know 1st hand the struggles every year to fund and run these music programs, which is why started this project.

For The Love of Music Project.

The programs at PDCM and PDHS have really excelled these last few years.  With both Mr. Lake and Mr. Lacro working closely together and in sync, and the dedication of the students, parents, and staff, both programs are growing by leaps and bounds.  Which is just fantastic….big applause for them!

But this success doesn’t come without its price……  Money…. Money so these kids can participate at competitions events, festivals, trips, etc. and have their best experiences of their student lifetime and hopefully beyond.

I launched this project in April of 2016 to PDHS and PDCMS and have now opened the project to other schools in our valley.    My goal with this project is to assist with funding for all the school  music programs here  in the Coachella Valley!

How it works

Anyone brought in through the project that buys or sells a home using my services, I will donate, on their behalf, 30% of my gross commission to their selected music program.

When I approached my broker to get permission to do this project, he not only said yes…but went the extra mile.  The 30% will be taken from the gross commissions before Re/Max and Re/Max International receives their cut!  Amazing to be associated with such a great company.  Thank you to my broker Peter Terracciano!

This project is NOT limited to parents or family members of the music programs. It’s anyone you meet, talk to, etc.   Waiting in line, at a concert, wherever.

Even if you know someone buying or selling a home out of state.   They can still participant via a referral fee, at no additional cost to the seller or buyer, your music program will receive a donation.

Example of how this works:

$300,000 home sold

2.5% commission =  $7,500

30% =  $2,250 donation

It’s that’s easy!  buy or sell a home through this project and the school music program of your choice receives the donation.

I am looking forward to seeing this project grow and grow each year and to see all of our local school music programs thrive and do what they do best: teach, learn, perform and entertain!

Learn more about the projectwww.ForTheLoveOfMusicProject.com

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